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Mobile app to test any type of API.
Free for iOS, Android, iPadOS & macOS

API Tester

API Tester
Import requests or collections
Import by curl, link or file from your device. Swagger, OpenAPI, Postman, YAML collections supported.
Global variables, Folders, Run all requests at once, Apple Watch app, integration with Shortcuts & Widgets.
Advanced settings
TLS can be skipped, redirects can be disabled, timeouts are adjustable, weak SSL verification is available.
Any kind of data encoding
Query params, URLEncoded params, FormData, raw data, send files from device storage, cloud, remote server.
Powerful GraphQL editor
Full-scale experience: body editor with Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions and syntax support; variables editor, documentation.
Any type of API
Test all types of APIs: REST, GraphQL, WebSocket, SOAP, JSON RPC, XML, HTTP, HTTPS.